Driveway is the first impression your house shows and you only get a one chance to make the first impression - better choose right. The curb appeal of your house will last for years and will bring up your house value. At Romm we have hundreds of choices.

Concrete is a cost-effective and reliable way to achieve long-lasting and attractive driveways, walkways or floors. Since concrete is a versatile material, you can achieve almost any look to match the style and feel of your home.

Color and Texture:

Using concrete isn't limited to settling for the gray look. Today concrete can be customized in virtually any color, and sophisticated pouring, stamping and texturing techniques can replicate other decorative driveway, walkway and flooring styles, such as brick and flagstone, and even marble or wood, while costing considerably less.

Patterns and Surface:
A variety of styles can be expressed by using concrete, from the simple and clean flat polished floor, to whimsical and creative driveways or walkways with embedded shells, or pebbles. Shapes, such as circles and squares and even abstract and random figures can be formed to create your driveway or walkway. To reflect an organic look, random shapes and sizes can be integrated into your driveway or walkway, or for a sophisticated feel, chose a polished finish in a color of your choice.

Care and Maintenance:
Because concrete is a durable material, concrete driveways, sidewalks and floors are easy to maintain and require minimal attention. However, depending on weather and usage patterns, it's important to look out for cracks and fix them promptly to prevent further damage.

Our concrete specialists can help you decide what options best fit into your homes design, and budget. With Romm Remodeling, you'll be guided through every step of the process, from selecting the color and texture to maximize function and value, down to choosing details and accents that reflect the overall design of your home. With the right guidance, a concrete driveway or pathway can be blended into your garden's landscaping or front yard. And since concrete is so versatile, you can even use concrete inside the home to blend into just about any interior design.

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