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Adding on to your existing home is a great way to accommodate your family growing needs without the hassle of moving or putting your house up for sale.

The options are endless you can add bathrooms, bedrooms, home office space, living spaces and kitchens, and if you're short on space, even 2nd story additions. Room additions add square footage which increases your home's value. Additional rooms are an attractive feature to buyers, so you're not only investing in your immediate needs, you'll be investing on a home improvement feature that will help sell your home faster in the future. And, room additions offer a very high return on investment.

Our architects and designers work with you to create a seamless extension of your existing home, and offer creative floor plan solutions that are right for your goals and space. We can also provide conceptual, 3-D drawings so you can see your room addition from a completed perspective. With most room additions, foundation and structural stability issues need to be addressed from the very start. With Romm Remodeling, you can rest assured that your safety is our #1 priority from start to finish.

Our construction consultants will work with you to secure building permits and make sure all your additions comply with neighborhood zoning ordinances and restrictions. We understand building an addition to your home is an important decision, so our entire team is committed to making sure the process is comfortable and that the end result meets your needs, and more importantly, your budget.

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